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  • How do I register as a new user?
    Please click on the "Login/New Registration" icon located at the top right of the top page. You can register using your Google account, FB account, or email address. *If you have previously registered for VSJ services (VSJ COLLEGE, VSJ email membership), etc., please use the same email address. Services will be linked.
  • I already have a VSJ account. What should I do?
    Even if you previously had a VSJ account, please register a new one on the VSJ CORE/ONE website. Registration only takes a few minutes. If you have registered for VSJ services (VSJ COLLEGE, VSJ email membership), etc. in the past, please use the same email address. Services will be linked.
  • Why has the VSJ website been updated? How is it different from previous VSJ COLLEGE?
    A new site called VSJ CORE & ONE has been released from January 2024. 1️⃣ A new service for corporations called VSJ CORE has started. 2️⃣ The previous individual education service has been renamed VSJ ONE and has been improved with the aim of being "faster and easier to use." Applications for e-classes are smoother, and you can start taking them at any time (from February 2024). 3️⃣The previous VSJ COLLEGE site is exclusively for e-Lab and e-Library .
  • What kind of services can I receive at VSJ CORE?
    VSJ CORE supports " education" and "management (management/operation)" at veterinary hospitals. ⚪Educational support: We provide "in-hospital education programs" and "hospitality education programs." Create a staff education program for each hospital by utilizing VSJ's "academic online content." Unique educational programs also have an advantage in recruitment .   ⚪Management support: First of all, we have a ``management training program'' where hospital directors and executives learn about management. We propose the original POMR electronic medical record "miles animal medical record" as well as office equipment, medical equipment, and DX conversion to improve hospital efficiency .
  • What is VSJ CORE?
    VSJ CORE is a service provided by VSJ LLC that supports "education" and "management" for veterinary hospitals.
  • How can I use VSJ CORE?
    Currently, you can apply for the VSJ CORE service. We offer three corporate-only subscription plans. Please select the plan that suits your hospital from the link below.
  • What is VSJ ONE? What is the difference with VSJ CORE?
    VSJ ONE is a service for individuals (veterinarians, veterinary nurses, care staff, veterinary hospital staff) , and VSJ CORE is a service for corporations (veterinary hospitals) . VSJ ONE is a service that primarily supports the growth of "education for veterinary medical personnel." eClass, where you can thoroughly learn the knowledge necessary for clinical practice in each subject; eLab , an online lab where you can learn deeply and connect in small groups ; We have an eLibrary, a library of information that you can search whenever you need it . Furthermore, we have prepared a ``serious learning''generalist program for veterinarians and veterinary nurses that combines these aspects.
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