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The challenges of veterinary hospitals,
will be solved.

clinical × management.

Seriouslyfor the construction of hospitals,

animal hospitalInsal.


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"Clinical" "management"

“Clinical” and “Management”
We support ambidexterity.


animal Hospitalofclinicalandmanagement.
dark bluetroubleGoToya anxiety,
Is there?

The directormost frequently treatedwhile doingmanagementto..


competitionis becoming more intense...

of the staffgrowthIt's up to you...

“Analyzing common issues.”

Since 2010, VSJ has introduced many animalHospital owners, directors, and managers
Interview and supportI've been doing this.Most owner-directors have many troubles, issues,Performing both clinical and managerial work while feeling anxiousIt is.

And the challenge ishave some things in commonVSJ has discovered this.

“From the era of individuals to the era of organizations.”
From now on, we will live in an era where one person has to handle everything.The director himselftake advantage of the strengths ofConcentrate on

While making good use of external consulting,

In an era of “producing organizational results”It's changing.

“For now, CORE​.”

VSJ CORE will help you with any clinical or management problems.
“CORE for now”We aim to provide services that people can say.

There are still many things that cannot be done,

We will work with you to resolve the issues you pose.

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Our Solution

 Solve your organization's challenges,
​Grow to the next level

✓First, “Invest in education”let's.

① Summarize in-hospital clinical education using VSJ.

high qualityVSJ COLLEGEeducationUtilize content e-classes for in-hospital education.All lectures can be started at any time. In-hospital education programAdvantageous for recruitment.CORE Hospital Subscription PlanGet more value for money.

② VSJ is the best place to learn management.

For directors and managersof

​6 month training program. ​Management is essential for the future operation of veterinary hospitals.CORE Hospital Subscription PlanYou can take the course at a great price.

③ Hospitality/Communication

for staffhospitality education,

Based on behavioral science that has never existed beforecommunication programAlso available.

✓Next, let's "invest in the system."

①​Cloud-based medical record “miles”

Cloud-based medical record "miles animal medical record" is the world's No. 1 CRMSalesforce-basedSo above all, you can feel safe. ​We will improve the quality of medical care by incorporating POS/SOAP, an unprecedented global standard medical care system.

② Sales of carefully selected medical and office equipment.
VSJ also provides support for opening a business.

VSJ recommendsmedical equipmentWe will propose it at a reliable price. Also, in order to "improve quality and reduce time," for example,Major POS cash registerTeraoka Seiko self-checkoutI suggest.

③ DX/efficiency support.
​Recruitment marketing.

We also propose office equipment and DX conversion to make your work more efficient. VSJ also provides recruitment marketing support as a unique recruitment support.​I suggest.


customer's voice

"VSJ COREThanks to,
I am able to concentrate on the medical treatment in front of me. ”
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Junichi Fujita Director
A Animal Medical Center


VSJ CORE member example

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