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Is “trying hard” outdated in this day and age? Is “effort” lame?

degreeEven in these times, people who are devoted to their work and continue to make efforts are achieving results.

There are people who work hard in any era.

​In fact, in this day and age, effort can be an opportunity to make a big difference.

VSJ ONE isVeterinarians, veterinary nurses, care staff, and other animal medical professionals who seriously want to work hard and grow.butConnect, high quality🩺Clinicaleducationand👔Business management educationLearn,A platform that grows (Thrive).



 ・Clinical e-series (e-clinical e-series)e-Lab, e-Library)

・Generalist course·on site​Practice

Student community

nice nurse


Learn ment. 

 ・6-month business management course

・Hospitality education for veterinary hospitals

・Communication education (planned)


~Why is VSJ Japanese?Pioneer of online education in the veterinary medical industryDid it become?

VSJ is said to be a pioneer in online education in the veterinary medical industry.

More than 10 years ago, when there were only on-site conferences and seminars,VSJ has started online education.

​That's based on the thoughts and experiences of the two VSJ representatives. One is in America. One is in Japan.

I felt firsthand the gap between the ideals and the current situation for each animal and medical care.

I have to do something about that gap.I started a company called VSJ.

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