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🧪 e-Lab | Change with Dr. Ogata's behavioral science! Communication e-lab

Mar 1, 2024 - Aug 31, 2024


【Purpose target】 Pet nurses/animal care staff use their knowledge and skills in animal behavior to contribute to hospital sales by increasing patient visit rates. [Contents] In this laboratory, we will focus on themes, problems, and issues related to animal behavior that are often encountered in clinical settings. We will provide you with an opportunity to consider any questions or concerns you may have. Specifically, the instructors (Mr. Ogata and a veterinary nurse who is familiar with behavioral studies) provide feedback and advice on each student's thoughts and efforts. Students will learn how to put their ideas and skills to work. Furthermore, through in-lab discussions between students, new ideas are generated and connections are made with students from different facilities and regions. In this project jointly implemented by Inaba Pet Food Co., Ltd. and VSJ COLLEGE, pet animal nurses and veterinary hospital staff will gain the trust of pet owners through communication skills using ``animal behavior'' and increase the visit rate. , and aim to improve hospital sales. [Event period] Event period: March 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024 Application deadline: ~February 29, 2024 [Participation conditions] Pet nurse/veterinary hospital staff (animal care staff) with 3 years or more of clinical experience Click here for FAQ regarding this lab ↓↓↓



🧪eラボ|尾形Dr.の行動学で変わる!コミュニケーションeラボ, ¥3,000/month


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