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🎓 Veterinarian STANDARD Course|VSJ ONE Generalist Course


🎓 Veterinarian STANDARD Course|VSJ ONE Generalist Course Over the course of three years, you will complete four compulsory eClasses and two or more elective eClasses that you must complete to relearn clinical ``types''. You will begin to see the meaning and reason for all of your symptoms and diagnoses. 🎓 Target ・Veterinarian Vet (clinical 3rd year ~ veteran) ・Mid-career to veteran veterinarians who want to “re-learn the basics” as they gain more clinical experience 🎓 Required/elective subjects Anesthesiology eCass I -Physiology Edition- [Lecturer: Takaharu Itami] Anesthesiology eCass Ⅱ-Pharmacology Edition- [Lecturer: Takaharu Itami] Neurology eClass I (VET) [Senichi Kanezono] Clinical Pathology eClassⅠ [Sakurako Neo] Clinical Pathology eClassⅡ [Sakurako Neo] Surgery eClass I [Brittany Ciepluch] Internal Medicine eClass I [Yoko Miyamoto] Cardiology eClass I [Kensuke Nakamura] ECCeClass I [Yasushi Genmoto/Yu Ueda/Yusuke Endo] Dentistry eClass I [Kaori Takahashi] Dentistry eClass Ⅱ [Kaori Takahashi] Oncology eClass I [Kei Harada] Oncology eClass Ⅱ [Kei Harada] Ophthalmology eClassⅠ[VET] [Yuki Tsujita] Ophthalmology eClassⅠ[VN] [Yuki Tsujita] Ophthalmology eClassⅡ[VET] [Yuki Tsujita] Radiology eClassⅠ [Genya Shinbo] Bovine clinical science eClass I [Kenji Murakami/Reiichiro Sato] Equine Medical Science eClass I [Seiji Hoho] Animal Behavior eClass I [Niwako Ogata] Surgery eClass II (VET) [Jun Fujita] Dermatology eClassⅠ [Nobuo Murayama] Exotic Studies eClassⅠ [Iku Kato] Hospitality eClassⅠ [Keiko Hoshino] Anatomical Pathology eClassⅠ [Hirotaka Kondo]


🎓 獣医師 STANDARDコース|VSJ ONE ジェネラリストプログラム, ¥17,900/month



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