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🧪e-Lab | Dr. Nagahama's JAVA seminar [Anesthesia and education]


〚About JAVA〛 -We are an anesthesia team led by Dr. Shotaro Nagahama, whose vision is to "achieve painless and safe veterinary care." 〚What is JAVA seminar? 〛 - At JAVA, we hold study sessions and "JAVA seminars" led by Dr. Nagahama and JAVA trainee doctors to constantly improve our skills.   - Regular seminars include discussion-type "anesthesia conferences" inviting guest lecturers (mainly university veterinary anesthesiology faculty) and "presentations" by seminar students. Enhances the thinking ability that arises. In addition, by setting aside time to introduce non-medical reading, we aim to encourage each other to learn a wide range of academic fields and knowledge beyond medicine, thereby helping students grow as human beings.   - As a special seminar, we will hold a discussion inviting anesthesiologists, surgeons, anesthesia equipment manufacturers, etc. to hone diverse perspectives.   “🧪e-Lab | What is JAVA Seminar [Anesthesia and Education]? ” - Veterinarians and veterinary nurses who want to learn high-quality anesthesia at "VSJ ONE | We have decided to make it public. ⚫2023 regular seminar guest lecturer July 30th (Sun): Dr. Kunitomo Kashiwagi (Hemodynamics and Vasopressors ①) August 20th (Sun): Dr. Kunitomo Kashiwagi (Hemodynamics and Vasopressor ②) September 17th (Sun): Seminar Iwai October 15th (Sun): Seminar Iwai November 19th (Sunday): Dr. Takaharu Itami (Reconsidering Medetomidine) December 17th (Sun): Seminar Iwai ⚫2024 regular seminar guest lecturer Sunday, January 21st (Regular): Dr. Jun Tamura (pressor effect of noradrenaline): Hokkaido University Sunday, February 4th (Special): Dr. Kunitomo Kashiwagi (Remimazolam) Sunday, February 18th (regular): Dr. Sanae Shibata (perioperative body temperature management): Gifu University Sunday, March 3 (Special): Dr. Park Young-tae (minimally invasive treatment) Sunday, March 17th (Regular): Professor Masatoshi Kamata: University of Tokyo April 3rd (Wednesday) (Special): Professor Koji Iwanaga Sunday, April 21st (Regular): Dr. Nobuo Jinno (SSI): Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University Wednesday, May 15th (Regular): Dr. Toshie Iseri June 12th (Wednesday) (Special): Dr. Nobuyoshi Murao and Dr. Naoyuki Hashimoto (tentative title: Current status and future of pet animal nurses) Sunday, June 16th (regular): Dr. Hiroki Sano (case introduction) Wednesday, July 17th (Regular): Kenji Teshima Sensei Wednesday, August 7th (Regular): Mr. Teppei Kanda ⚫2024 Special Seminar Guest Lecturer About 4 times a year: Dr. Kunitomo Kashiwagi, an anesthesiologist. Others: Surgeons, anesthesia equipment manufacturers, etc. are planned.   【subject】 - Veterinarian/Pet Nurse



2 Plans Available, From ¥2,980/month



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