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🧪 Change with Dr. Ogata's behavioral science!
Communication e-lab

​〈Supported by Inaba Pet Co., Ltd.〉

Do you have any of these problems at work?


What can we do with frightened and reluctant animals?


I want to fully utilize the knowledge I have learned in the field.


I am not sure if this has been communicated to the owner..


I want to contribute to the hospital, but I don't know how.

Dog with a Toy

“Animal Behavior Changes! Communication Lab”

I will solve that problem.


​Be more considerate of animals on site
So that I can be close to you.


Due to the owner's concerns,
You can respond with confidence.


Behavioral knowledge.
You can learn how to utilize it in the field.


Turn your knowledge into value,
​A hospital you can go to with peace of mind

 Improve your communication skills with behavioral studies!

​ Become a “helpful” animal nurse/care staff!


About the workshop.

Participants are divided into groups of around four people, and each group has an instructor, and they work on tasks while having discussions within the group. We will adjust the progress according to each group, but each month we will work on about 2 problems and share ideas with each other.

Individual feedback too.

Apart from group discussions, you can also receive individual feedback from your instructor. It will be a valuable experience like no other.

About online discussions.

Please participate using VSJ's original web page called eRoom. It is possible to see comments between participants in real time. You can participate at your own pace, and the instructor will monitor your attendance.

​Text or audio.

If you are better at speaking than writing, you can also post audio (for example, voice memos for iPhone users). Instructors will also be uploading audio feedback for things that are difficult to explain in text.

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Niwako Ogata
Professor Niwako Ogata

​American Veterinary Behavioral Specialist

Veterinarian, PhD, DACVB Associate Professor,

Animal Behavior Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

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