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Generalist course

VSJ ONE GeneraliStroke is for your confidence.

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Features of the generalist course


From 4 courses.

With the VSJ ONE Generalist Program, you can choose the one that suits you from four courses.

We have prepared three courses for veterinarians: starter course, standard course, and master course. We are also preparing courses for veterinary nurses.

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​At your own pace.

The VSJ ONE Generalist Program allows you to progress at your own pace.

​Standard course requires graduation within 3 years, master course within 5 years.there is.


Quality like no other.

The VSJ ONE Generalist Program utilizes VSJ's high-quality instructors, online content, and training.

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​10~25% Take the course at a discount.

You can take the VSJ ONE Generalist Program at up to 25% off compared to taking individual e-classes.

​The discount rate changes depending on the course.

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