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[Free delivery] Actual situation and future prospects of ECC sites in Japan and the United States - Expert conversation


What are the differences between ECC (emergency clinical care) in Japan and the United States, and what challenges do they face? Experts at the forefront of ECC in Japan and the United States will take a deep dive into this important topic. Due to common issues such as labor shortages and changes in the working environment, We will discuss a wide range of topics, including solutions for each country and ways to improve operational efficiency on-site. In America, we are increasing the appeal of ECC and promoting it through academic conferences and SNS. Unique efforts are being made to secure and develop human resources, such as post-graduate education seminars and growth support programs. On the other hand, in Japan, Yokohama VECCS is an example of improvement of working environment, wage system, provision of motivation, We are focusing on securing and motivating staff through measures such as introducing a personnel evaluation system. In addition, efforts are being made to improve the efficiency of on-site operations in both countries. We will also introduce solutions that make full use of technology, such as the introduction of self-checkout in Japan and the use of electronic medical record systems in the United States. We also discussed the future prospects of ECC, Including cooperation between Japan and the United States, as well as Asia, We will share our vision for the development and popularization of ECC as a specialized field. This video interview was made as part of the JaVECCS International Symposium. It will be held from March 9th to 10th. Don't miss this rare opportunity to have speakers from each continent take the stage for the first time. Click here for details and free viewing: JaVECCS International Symposium official website Everyone involved in ECC, This is sure to be a valuable insight, especially for those interested in securing human resources and improving the working environment.






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