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🎓 Veterinary Nurse Course | VSJ ONE Generalist Course


What kind of pet nurse is needed in the field? This is a pet nurse who takes pride in being a partner in a profession with different roles than veterinarians, and who is able to act intelligently and think independently. Veterinary nursing work is more than just assisting with medical treatment. This means providing nursing care from a different perspective than that of a veterinarian, observing animals with their own eyes, sharing the pains and joys of their daily lives, and intervening to improve their lives. In order to do this, it is important to develop a scientific perspective based on the ideas and philosophy that are the essence of nursing. What is a scientific perspective? ・To accurately understand the condition before, during and after treatment ・To take appropriate measures ・To avoid worsening the condition or causing other illnesses ・To provide peace of mind to veterinarians and owners ・It is an essential perspective for capturing signs that cannot be noticed through experience or senses. In this course, we have collected carefully selected e-classes (lectures) to cultivate this scientific perspective. Our goal is to systematically and efficiently cover the essential knowledge that should be mastered at a minimum, and to develop the knowledge to be able to confidently provide veterinary care as a member of a veterinary hospital team.



🎓 動物看護師 コース|VSJ ONE ジェネラリストプログラム, ¥98,000



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