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📖 e-library | Dr. Tsujita's ophthalmology e-library


"Ophthalmology e-library" is now open. We are pleased to announce the launch of the ``📖 Ophthalmology e-Library.'' The "Ophthalmology e-Library" consists of Dr. Tsujita's medical videos, information for actual patients, case rounds for generalists, and literature rounds for ophthalmology residents that have been provided at the Ophthalmology e-Lab for the past two years. In response to the requests of our e-lab students, who felt that it would be a shame to no longer be able to see the contents filled with real education practices, we have decided to continue using the information library ``e-library'' in a subscription format.


📖 eライブラリー|辻田Dr.の獣医眼科学eライブラリー, ¥7,980/month


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