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VSJ ONE is aimed at veterinarians, veterinary nurses, care staff, and other animal medical professionals.High quality clinical educationandBusiness management educationWe provide.


❍ Clinical education support >>

・Clinical e-series (e-class, e-lab, e-la)library)

・Generalist course


❍ Management support

・6-month business management course

・Hospitality education for veterinary hospitals

・Communication education (planned)

~Why has VSJ become a pioneer in online education in Japan's veterinary medical industry?~

VSJ is said to be a pioneer in online education in the veterinary medical industry.
In the industry, there are almost only on-site conferences and seminars. Since 2010, when online education did not exist,
VSJ has started online clinical field education.

​That's based on the thoughts and experiences of the two VSJ representatives. One is in America. One is in Japan.
I felt firsthand the gap between ideals regarding animals and medicine and clinical practice in Japan.

I have to do something about that gap.I started a company called VSJ.

Clinical education - e-lab

clinical education

Clinical education - e-library

clinical education

Clinical education - generalist course

clinical education

Clinical education -e class

clinical education

Management - “6-month acquisition of management sense” course


Management/Management - Hospitality education for management/veterinary hospitals


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